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The DR-Scope Mount System allows you to mount scopes or electronic sights to your semi-automatic handgun or revolver within seconds (compatible with weaver style scope mounts).

After installation and initial sighting in the scope

you can remove or exchange the DR-System within

seconds and without loss of Zero! Due to the unique

guide rail system the scope stays adjusted at the

original zero setting!

The DR-System gives you the option of exchanging a variety of different sighting devices and still being able to use

the iron sight if necessary.

Use your favorite handgun with red dot scope for accurate

practice shooting and then easily switch to a night sight scope .

Simply remove the DR-System und use the same gun for

concealed carry!

The DR-Scope-Mount-System works with a simple finger securement screw for quick attachment and two additional

hex screws for permanent use.

Cleaning your weapon is simpler than with any other system!

Remove the DR-System with effortless ease and reinstall it again!

The DR-Scope Mount System is milled from aircraft grade aluminum with a maximum allowance of 1/1000”.

This guarantees extreme durability and maximum preciseness!
The units are available anodized black and chemical…..

Some pistol types require a permanent mounted adapter piece, which is included in the kit.


The DR-Scope Mount System is fast, precise and innovative!  See the big animated Illustration.

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