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Haendler & Natermann Bullets


Beside the traditional

calibrated and greased

ammunition for the

sporting large

calibre weapons, 

H&N has for some time also

manufactured bullets with plastic

coating and also so called High Speed bullets.


The finest firearm is only capable of doing the best job when firing bullets that

are manufactured with the goal of ultimate precision.  H & N bullets are produced

with this goal being the governing principle. 

Manufacturing is carried out using only the latest in equipment and a special quality control

process assures the H & N Finale Match Bullets.


An enviable history of  unprecedented wins in Olympic and international

competitions are proof that H & N  bullets are the projectile of choice when the

competition is at the highest level in the world.


1996 Olympic Games-Atlanta        WM 98 Barcelona         EM 2000 Munich 

                    8 Medals                               33 Medals                   72 Medals     


H&N high speed bullets have on outstanding reputation with reloades, these lead

bullets are galvanically copper plated and additionally have a plastic glide layer

1. Swaged Lead Core

2. Copper layer

3. Special anti-foul coating


The substantial advantages of this new construction are:

no lead fouling of the barrel, thereby constant precision

Decreased barrel wear

Certified for all shooting ranges

DEVA approved

complete encapsulation, no melting of the lead core

Close contact with shooters and users and meaningful

exchanges of suggestions has led to H&N pellets and reloading-bullets becoming

very successful in all shooting disciplines.




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